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Request for Proposals
(Previously funded proposals)

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners Foundation announces the availability of two grants supporting clinical research in cattle. Each grant will be for up to $25,000. One grant will be for proposals related to beef cattle, and the other for dairy cattle, although proposals may address both. Proposals should be aimed at providing practical solutions which cattle veterinarians can utilize in beef or dairy production environments.

Each proposal should include the title, a one-page description of the proposed study, a detailed experimental protocol (no more than two pages, which includes the contributions of each investigator), a budget (including justification for all expenses), and a list of the investigators with a brief (2 page maximum) biographical sketch of each investigator. Salary replacement for faculty members, post-docs or graduate students, indirect costs, or scientific equipment will not be supported. If appropriate, more than one project may be funded in each category, but the total for each category will be limited to $25,000. At least one of the investigators must be an AABP member. In judging between proposals of similar merit, preference will be given to proposals from researchers who are starting their careers or from private practitioners. Preference will also be given to projects where AABP Foundations funds can serve as seed money to attract other grants. Results of the studies are expected to be reported in the research summaries at an AABP Annual Conference and submitted to a peer-reviewed publication upon completion. 20% of the granted funds will be withheld until the results are presented and the article is submitted.

Proposals will be ranked by the Board of the AABP Foundation for bovine practice relevance. Top ranking proposals will then be reviewed by experts in the area of study and a research-focused committee of AABP members, which may include AABP Foundation Board members.

 Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m., December 12, 2016. Proposals MUST be submitted online. Questions may be addressed to the AABP Office at aabphq@aabp.org. 

Dr. Virginia Fajt
Chair, AABP Foundation

Applicants must:

  1. Download a template Competitive Research Word Document, and complete and save as PDF document. Name the PDF document yourname.PDF (ex. JohnSmith.PDF).
    The proposal shall include:
    • Title
    • Description of the Proposed Study (Maximum of one page)
    • Detailed Experimental Protocol (No more than two pages, which includes the contributions of each investigator)
    • Budget (Including justification for all expenses)
    • List of Investigators (Provide a brief (maximum of 2 pages) biographical sketch for each investigator)
  2. Complete the online application form. You will upload the PDF file within the application form.
  3. Evaluation criteria and scoring system.
  4. Signed Application Confirmation: After an online application has been submitted, in its final form, an application confirmation form must be completed, signed and faxed or EMailed to the AABP Office (aabphq@aabp.org/419-496-0697). This form provides the AABP Foundation with correct payee information and that space and basic facilities for carrying out the research will be provided.
  5. Notification: Candidates will be notified of the Committee's decision by July 1.
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