Previously Funded AABP Foundation
Competitive Research Grants

(The AABP Foundation supports clinical research grants for beef and dairy cattle up to $50,000 total. The AABP Foundation has provided more than $230,000 in competitive research funding.)


Comparison of analgesics for control of lameness-associated pain in lactating dairy cattle -
         Dr. Pat Gorden, Iowa State University

Comparison of group versus individual calf rearing for a summary measure of health
         Dr. Craig McConnel, Washington State University


Effect of perioperative procaine penicillin G on bovine castration wound infection rate

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Kelly Still Brooks

Elevated temperatures and concentration of large animal pharmaceuticals

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Meredyth Jones

Improving udder health in dairy heifers

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Vinicius Machado


Novel vaccine to prevent Tritrichomonas infection in beef cattle

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Colette Cywes-Bentley

Using thoracic ultrasonography to optimize antibiotic use in pre weaned dairy calves.

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Theresa Ollivett


Impact of Low Stress Cattle Handling on health and production performance in newly weaned beef calves

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Grant Dewell

Are we feeding Mycobacterium paratuberculosis to calves in milk replacer?

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Mike Collins


Association between animal behavior and tympanic temperature with clinical bovine respiratory disease and growth performance

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Pablo Pinedo

Effect of environment on risk of respiratory disease In nursing calves

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Sharif Aly


A study to determine the prevalence and economic impact of anaplasmosis in beef herds in the southern United States

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Brian Whitlock

Impact of milk feeding levels and housing on the incidence of respiratory disease in young dairy calves

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Peter Krawczel


Joint AABP Foundation - Hoof Trimmers Association
Hoof Health Research Grants

(The AABP Foundation has provided $37,500 in funding for these joint grants.)


Validation of a platform-based gait analysis system as an objective measure of lameness in cattle

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Andrew Fidler


Evaluating the effect of 2 different hoof trimming techniques on dairy cow well-being and performance

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Gerard Cramer


Topical treatment of claw lesions in cattle

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Jan Shearer
















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