Previously Funded AABP Foundation
Competitive Research Grants

(The AABP Foundation supports clinical research grants for beef and dairy cattle up to $50,000 total. The AABP Foundation has provided more than $230,000 in competitive research funding.)


Comparison of analgesics for control of lameness-associated pain in lactating dairy cattle -
         Dr. Pat Gorden, Iowa State University

Comparison of group versus individual calf rearing for a summary measure of health
         Dr. Craig McConnel, Washington State University


Effect of perioperative procaine penicillin G on bovine castration wound infection rate

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Kelly Still Brooks

Elevated temperatures and concentration of large animal pharmaceuticals

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Meredyth Jones

Improving udder health in dairy heifers

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Vinicius Machado


Novel vaccine to prevent Tritrichomonas infection in beef cattle

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Colette Cywes-Bentley

Using thoracic ultrasonography to optimize antibiotic use in pre weaned dairy calves.

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Theresa Ollivett


Impact of Low Stress Cattle Handling on health and production performance in newly weaned beef calves

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Grant Dewell

Are we feeding Mycobacterium paratuberculosis to calves in milk replacer?

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Mike Collins


Association between animal behavior and tympanic temperature with clinical bovine respiratory disease and growth performance

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Pablo Pinedo

Effect of environment on risk of respiratory disease In nursing calves

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Sharif Aly


A study to determine the prevalence and economic impact of anaplasmosis in beef herds in the southern United States

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Brian Whitlock

Factors associated with Seroprevalence of Anaplasma marginale in Kentucky cattle

Chika C. Okafor, Samantha L. Collins, Joseph A. Daniel, Benton Harvey, Xiaocun Sun, Johann F. Coetzee, Brian K. Whitlock

Impact of milk feeding levels and housing on the incidence of respiratory disease in young dairy calves

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Peter Krawczel


Joint AABP Foundation - Hoof Trimmers Association
Hoof Health Research Grants

(The AABP Foundation has provided $37,500 in funding for these joint grants.)


Validation of a platform-based gait analysis system as an objective measure of lameness in cattle

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Andrew Fidler


Evaluating the effect of 2 different hoof trimming techniques on dairy cow well-being and performance

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Gerard Cramer


Topical treatment of claw lesions in cattle

     Primary Investigator - Dr. Jan Shearer
















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